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To Plan or Not to Plan? Live for Today

I’ve always been told that I have innate ability to plan. Up till now I’ve always taken it as a compliment. I’m usually ready for anything that life has to throw at me. I mean how can it be a bad thing to be prepared for the future?

Most people would think that the ability to plan and prepare are good qualities to have but like all good things, it should be done in moderation. 

It has always been in my nature to plan and prepare; whether it be for a trip, a test, a game, a job interview or anything else you could think of. It might also be contradictory to say that my personality is just as easy going and carefree as the next person. I love winging things, I love playing things by ear, I love going with the flow and even yolo’ing. Is it possible to be carefree yet plan for the worse? 

I digress, but the point Im trying to make is that I never really realized until recently that sometimes my planning is one of my worst characteristics. 

I have been so obsessed with planning for the future I forget to live in the present. Carpe diem! I used to live by that! Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future… for today. Live like tomorrow will be the last.

Somewhere along the line I’ve lost balance between living in the now and planning for the future. I try to plan for my future; making sure I save enough for retirement, figuring out what I want to do in 10 years, what kind of house I’ll have, when I’ll get married, what my kids will grow up like….things that are yet to happen. 

The actions of today determine the results of tomorrow but if all you can do is look into the horizon and stare into the future you will miss whats right in front you (today). 

I’ve forgotten about that…….I need to enjoy what life has to offer. Do enough to make sure I dont end up homeless and broke ….. because if all you do it live for the future you wouldnt have really lived at all. 

I always read the rules…before I break them.

Faith in Humanity

Nice people do exist in the world; people that actually go out of their way to help someone.

I spent the entire day pissed because I thought someone stole my back wheel from my bike. My dad saw my bike with no rear wheel and immediately relayed that info to me but there was nothing I could do. 

On my way back home I see the pole in the distance and its wasnt that there was no wheel….there was ONLY one wheel left. Now Im thinking FML, my entire frame was stolen. 

As I approach the wheel, I saw that there was a note attached. In summary, a nice person on the street stopped the fuck face as he/she was in the final process of stealing the bike. The wire was clipped and the lock was almost cut….but he stopped him. They left a note and said if I could prove it was my bike he’d unlock the wheel and give me the rest of my bike. 

Very lucky today. I dont know what to do….space is cramped at home and parking in the street is dangerous. NYC does suck sometimes.

Note to Self: Learn to Listen First, Speak Second

3 Fears

Today I was challenged to write about three fears that I have when it comes to making more money. Thought I’d write about it publicly so that I can look back on it. The author refers to these things as scripts I have with myself that prevent me from my earning potential.

One of the fears I have when it comes to making more money is that the idea I have is not good enough. I constantly feel that the idea is either taken or not good enough to compete with what is out there. I feel that when I think of something brilliant, someone has already thought of it first. I think I’ve realized through this that rather than trying to be better than them, I prematurely give up.

Another thing that I do is convince myself that starting something costs more money than I am willing to give up. I limit myself to ideas that I can afford or that are practical. When coming up with ideas I find myself doing things that are within my budget. What can I make that will be popular and sell but has little effect on my wallet? Now that I think about it, I’m severely limiting myself to what I can do because I try to think of low risk high yield ideas, which all the experts tell you simply doesn’t exist; or most of the time it doesn’t. I should focus on how I can raise money for my ideas rather than what idea I can come up with to fit my budget.

The final fear that I will write about is my fear of change. I talk a big talk but when it comes down to it, I’m not sure how willing I am to uproot and move somewhere that could give me a higher income. I know deep down inside I can make new friends anywhere, I feel Im socially adept and will have no issues acclimating to a new environment. Life at home is not the best, I love my parents deeply but hate my brother enough to leave the entire family. When it comes down to it, my friends are really really important to me. I also feel that I worry about others more than I do about myself. I am a planner. Anyone that knows me knows I am a crazy planner…..sometimes too much for my own good. I do not like not knowing the future so i plan and plan to make sure I know exactly what to expect.

Im not sure what else I can write. I’ve learned a lot just writing this post and I hope to do something about this.