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Faith in Humanity

Nice people do exist in the world; people that actually go out of their way to help someone.

I spent the entire day pissed because I thought someone stole my back wheel from my bike. My dad saw my bike with no rear wheel and immediately relayed that info to me but there was nothing I could do. 

On my way back home I see the pole in the distance and its wasnt that there was no wheel….there was ONLY one wheel left. Now Im thinking FML, my entire frame was stolen. 

As I approach the wheel, I saw that there was a note attached. In summary, a nice person on the street stopped the fuck face as he/she was in the final process of stealing the bike. The wire was clipped and the lock was almost cut….but he stopped him. They left a note and said if I could prove it was my bike he’d unlock the wheel and give me the rest of my bike. 

Very lucky today. I dont know what to do….space is cramped at home and parking in the street is dangerous. NYC does suck sometimes.

Note to Self: Learn to Listen First, Speak Second

3 Fears

Today I was challenged to write about three fears that I have when it comes to making more money. Thought I’d write about it publicly so that I can look back on it. The author refers to these things as scripts I have with myself that prevent me from my earning potential.

One of the fears I have when it comes to making more money is that the idea I have is not good enough. I constantly feel that the idea is either taken or not good enough to compete with what is out there. I feel that when I think of something brilliant, someone has already thought of it first. I think I’ve realized through this that rather than trying to be better than them, I prematurely give up.

Another thing that I do is convince myself that starting something costs more money than I am willing to give up. I limit myself to ideas that I can afford or that are practical. When coming up with ideas I find myself doing things that are within my budget. What can I make that will be popular and sell but has little effect on my wallet? Now that I think about it, I’m severely limiting myself to what I can do because I try to think of low risk high yield ideas, which all the experts tell you simply doesn’t exist; or most of the time it doesn’t. I should focus on how I can raise money for my ideas rather than what idea I can come up with to fit my budget.

The final fear that I will write about is my fear of change. I talk a big talk but when it comes down to it, I’m not sure how willing I am to uproot and move somewhere that could give me a higher income. I know deep down inside I can make new friends anywhere, I feel Im socially adept and will have no issues acclimating to a new environment. Life at home is not the best, I love my parents deeply but hate my brother enough to leave the entire family. When it comes down to it, my friends are really really important to me. I also feel that I worry about others more than I do about myself. I am a planner. Anyone that knows me knows I am a crazy planner…..sometimes too much for my own good. I do not like not knowing the future so i plan and plan to make sure I know exactly what to expect.

Im not sure what else I can write. I’ve learned a lot just writing this post and I hope to do something about this.  

Luck is the unknown mixed with knowledge, instinct, commitment, imagination and foresight.

Good Friends

A friend wouldnt ask you to do something you didnt want to do…..and the same friend wouldnt hold it against you if he didnt.